Kathy Selders


Hi! I'm currently using this web domain to maintain my email addresses, but since I have it and here you are, I'll provide a bit of info about me, what I'm up to and how you can reach me.

I am a life-long volunteer, fundraiser, event planner, nonprofit consultant, philanthropy enthusiast. I am currently the Executive Director and Co-founder of Charity On Top Foundation. You can find out more at charityontop.org. I am also a co-founder of Powered By Charity, a public benefit corporation.

In addition, I am an Energy Therapist. I am available for in-person and remote energy balancing sessions by appointment. I was a Marriage and Family Therapist but I am no longer practicing.

You can email me at kathy@kathyselders.com or kathy@charityontop.org. If you have my phone number you can call or text. Otherwise, emailing is good!






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